Are You Looking To Scale Your Employee Engagement And Learning Programmes Digitally?

Remote working is fast becoming a permanent organizational practice in a post-pandemic world.

The likes of Facebook, Google, HSBC and Deloitte have all transitioned to having teams and employees work from home for the long haul.

With more remote employees, the traditional methods of engagement, learning and people development no longer apply.

Ripple provides a platform for organizations to engage their employees no matter where and “when” they are in the world, through synchronous and asynchronous digital programmes.

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Around The World In 80 Minutes

Armed with a smartphone and a laptop, teams will “travel round the world” while seated comfortably in wherever they are! 

Here, each team will be required to completed a number of tasks as directed by a mobile gamification platform.
Through virtual means, team members will have the opportunity to visit sites and attractions in the likes of Japan, France and India etc., and attempt different challenges to score as many points as possible in a stipulated time. 

Conducted entirely virtually, the activity focuses on the learning outcomes of: 
1. Interdependence
2. Effective Communication
3. Risk Management Ready? 

Get set. Go!

Team CSI

Designed as a crime-solving activity, teams must work cohesively to piece a myriad of information pieces into a coherent decision. Complete with victims, suspects, clues and all the rigours of police work, the CSI experience allows the “investigators” to experience their roles in an intense, interactive way. 

Conducted entirely virtually, the activity focuses on the learning outcomes of: 
1. Group Problem-Solving
2. Decision-Making
3. Leadership 

Be ready for a brain-cracking experience!

The Office Escape

Devised with an “escape room” concept, this activity requires teams to solve each challenge in the activity before they can even move on to the next one! Set in an office environment, challenges are abound, but two heads can be better than one. With constant encouragement and determination needed to progress, let’s see how far each team can go before exasperation sets in. 

Conducted entirely virtually, the activity focuses on the learning outcomes of: 
1. Resilience
2. Optimism
3. Encouragement 

You may never see your office in the same light after this!

Self-Paced Learning Screenshots

Need a Tailor-Made Solution?

From your topic headers, actual learning content to even a still or moving project background, we can customize and contextualize all necessary text and images to your needs.

Check out what we did with a Singapore government agency when we partnered them to deliver their virtual induction program with their new hires via a synchronous learning session.

*All client-specific text and images have been replaced for sensitivity reasons.

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What Our Clients Say

Clients Onboarded With Ripple

You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripple for change
- Tim Cook

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Ripple be used for?

From virtual team building, individual-focused mobile learning, digital product training, remote new hire onboarding to even customer engagement through gamification, the sky really is the limit.

Is Ripple a learning management system (LMS)?

Not really. It’s more of a mobile gamification platform that organizations and trainers can use to scale people development / employee engagement / marketing programmes.

Who creates the games and/or content?

It depends. We do have off-the-shelf learning games that can be delivered live in a virtual or hybrid session to a group of participants and we are still creating more 😊

However, we also help our clients build their learning games from scratch or adapt their training curriculum onto the platform. In essence, we advise and develop your digital programmes in partnership with you.

Who owns the games and/or content?

Apart from the ones that we build as “ready-to-deliver” games/learning curriculum, you own all your content because each client project is unique.

Can we engage you to deliver your off-the-shelf virtual team building programmes based on Ripple?

Certainly! Just drop us an email at and we can set up a non-obligatory online meeting to discuss further.

Where can you deliver your virtual, live Ripple-based programmes?

ANYWHERE in the world 😊 Though our headquarters is in Singapore, our facilitators would and have adjusted their body clocks to conduct these sessions based on client needs. Haha.

Can I simply purchase a Ripple off-the-shelf virtual team building activity and conduct it on my own with my team?

Definitely! And we’ll admit that this would be way more cost-effective for you if budget is tight.

Regarding the microlearning feature of Ripple, can you launch different learning curriculum to different learners?

But of course! You tell us what content gets published to which learner and it is done!

How are you different from other microlearning platforms?

Firstly, microlearning is just one of the several applications you can use on Ripple. So this is basically a mobile solution that combines synchronous AND asynchronous learning. Teams can learn together through a synchronous, experiential team building session, OR asynchronously at their own pace, space and time as individual learners. Honestly…we can even do a combination of both 😉

What is your pricing model?

Due to Ripple’s unique nature of being so customizable to each client/programme but with fast turnaround times, every client gets a dedicated project manager, because despite the digital essence of Ripple, we value human connections too. Hence, each project is priced differently depending on client needs. Simply drop us an email at to find out more.